About Us

Today, businesses are facing a stiff competition when it comes to staying ahead of the latest trends and competitive developments. This becomes even more obvious while creating a responsive and agile IT support team

Cryptograph Technologies is a trusted name when it comes to offering reliable IT staffing solutions and services. We are looked upon for offering one of a kind software and application development solutions along with professional IT staffing services that would help you overcome a variety of challenges. When you contact Cryptograph Technologies you can be rest assured that you have engaged a highly professional group of experts that have the knowledge and experience to take on complex business issues. Further, we offer a work culture that enables you to grow as well as tackle current as well as future challenges.

At Cryptograph Technologies, we believe in offering equal growth opportunities for both employees as well as clients. This encourages more of employee involvement and also an environment that nurtures employees who are open to exploring new challenges.

We have developed a client-centric model that ensures complete focus as well as a commitment to help you achieve your business goals. So whether you are a consultant, employee or employer, we offer an enriching experience that encourages career growth and inculcates best of learning.

At Cryptograph technologies, we grow by letting our employees grow. As the Number 1 provider of services in IT staffing and consulting, we put our heart and soul in providing our clientele with only the best of the services. In short, it is our promise that we will never let you down!!

We use the best of our expertise in building a client and employee centric work culture. This typically means offering great experiences to the clients and employees as well. We tend to put our clients at the core of our business and basically align each and every element in our enterprise around the client and employee centric paradigm. We are committed to our client and employee centric work culture and Cryptograph technologies is ever ready to embrace and invest in such types of strategies. We are striving to accurately measure service deliveries and are always trying to figure out ways to enhance and improve.

At Cryptograph technologies, we use a service-based interface which helps us manage acquisitions, outsourcing, designing, asset management of services, etc. We are a service-oriented company that caters customized services to our clients bundling technology and expertise, materials and time.

We help our employees understand the impact they have on the client experience. This step will truly allow us to manage the business. We try to strike a balance between employee and client centric and service oriented work culture. Happy employees can serve well to the clients which in turn helps drive positive outcomes. The following are some of the aspects we consider in delivering positive client experience:

  • The ease of doing business with us.
  • The levels of satisfaction in terms of the quality of our services.
  • The likes and dislikes our clients feel in doing business with us.
  • The swiftness in delivering our services.
  • The promptness in dealing with complaints and queries, if any.

We at Cryptograph technologies always go an extra mile in achieving good client service. And as a part of our employee centric work culture, Cryptograph is always proactive and takes care of any issues right off the bat. We believe that this procedure will enable employees to think that their management cares for them. We listen and take care of our employees in finding out and addressing weaknesses and providing solutions. In order to bring out the creative side of our employees, we even encourage unique workflows and concepts that employees will come up, with giving them the ability to run their own ship. We have on board the best in-class human resource department which are constantly in look out for platforms that provide people analytics in engaging our best employees.


To be looked upon as a trusted and dependable partner for all your IT staffing, consulting and outsourcing solutions.


To inspire individuals as well as organisations to be able to operate more effectively and efficiently so as to be able to create a better choice in their chosen domain of work, for the benefit of all concerned. Being the fastest name in the domain of IT staffing and consulting – an area that has a positive impact on countless people every day – we are conscious of our role. We intend to assist people to work better to be able accomplish a common purpose.


At Cryptography Technologies, we inspire, motivate and offer each individual involved an opportunity to improve his or her situation, be it at home, in the office or at leisure.

It is our motto to become the world leader in the field of connecting people globally as well as locally with the right kind of talent.

It is our endeavour to motivate people to embrace change and experience only but the best when it comes to achieving both personal and professional goals.

We have expertise in offering life skills which has only been made possible through new and innovative approaches. We partner with only the best and use the best of technologies to enjoy a competitive advantage over others

We would want our associates and clients to truly take benefit from our services as we continuously strive to sustain and position ourselves at the top.

It is our responsibility to help connect people with the right talent both locally and globally. To be able to accomplish this, we ensure that we are easily accessible by our clients at all times. We would offer them an in-depth understanding of how we operate and the kind of services we offer

We encourage those situations where individuals have better choice. We would look for talent who are willingly to work to demonstrate their key skills. We have the confidence of making this happen and it is this confidence that boosts our morale and uplifts our spirit.